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Wall Street is closed

Thanks to you, the last series,"WALL STREET" is closed. The next print release will be in the Spring.

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About the Artist

I'm Mathieu Cabot, a wildlife conservation artist who merges the raw beauty of nature with the structured chaos of urban landscapes. My journey into art is one driven by a profound respect for wildlife and a fascination with the narratives that emerge when the natural and human-made worlds collide. Through the lens of black and white imagery, I aim to strip down to the essential emotions and stories that bind us to the earth and its inhabitants.

The use of artificial intelligence in my creative process is a pivotal tool that allows me to envision and bring to life the majestic presence of wildlife amidst our urban existence. This innovative approach enhances my ability to explore the depths of my imagination, blending technology with traditional artistic sensibilities to create something truly unique.

At the heart of my work lies a subtle narrative on conservation. Through each piece, I seek to ignite a conversation about our role in nature's grand tapestry, hoping to inspire a movement towards the preservation of our natural world. My art is not just an expression of creativity but a call to action, urging us to recognize and protect the delicate balance of life on our planet.

"My art strives to breathe life into the silent voices of nature, urging those who behold it to recognize that safeguarding the divine splendor of the natural world is essential not just for maintaining its fragile equilibrium, but also for ensuring our collective destiny."

As a steward of nature through my art, each piece serves as a dynamic manifesto, designed to spark a movement towards the conservation of our natural world. Utilizing the transformative power of artificial intelligence, I craft vivid portrayals that animate the grandeur of wildlife within our borders, ensuring that these magnificent creatures remain safe, uncaged, and unbothered, just as nature intended. My approach treats every subject with the utmost respect and adoration, allowing me to capture their essence without disrupting their natural habitats.

These works stand as heartfelt tributes to the wilderness, echoing a plea for the protection of our planet's intricate ecosystem. Every creation is a call to action, a reminder that safeguarding the splendor of nature, through non-intrusive means, is synonymous with securing our collective legacy.