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Mathieu Cabot Art

"Lions in Dumbo"

"Lions in Dumbo"

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"Lions in Dumbo" is a digital portrait capturing three young lions as they boldly navigate an alleyway in Brooklyn's Dumbo, removed from their natural habitat and placed in an urban setting that starkly contrasts with the wild. The artwork, rendered in black and white, deepens the narrative, focusing on the juxtaposition of wildlife against the backdrop of urban life, emphasizing the emotional and poignant interplay of light and shadow in this unlikely environment.

Inspired by the interconnectedness of urban and natural worlds, this piece invites viewers to reflect on our shared existence with nature and the pressing need for conservation. The lions, curious yet cautious, walking towards the viewer, serve as a compelling reminder of the wild beauty that coexists with urban sprawl, and the critical importance of safeguarding such magnificence.

By portraying these lions in an alleyway of Dumbo, the artwork encourages a dialogue on coexistence and the impact of human expansion on wildlife. It's a visual manifesto that bridges city life with the wilderness, urging us to consider our impact on the natural world. "Lions in Dumbo" transcends being just a portrait; it's a call to action and a reminder of our responsibility to protect the natural beauty that surrounds us, ensuring it remains vibrant and untamed for future generations.

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