Collection: No Sleep Till

The "No Sleep Till" collection is a captivating journey through black and white portraits that merge the untamed spirit of wildlife with the bustling energy of Brooklyn's urban landscape. Highlighting pieces like "Pride" and "Lions in Dumbo," this series explores the compelling juxtaposition of nature's majesty against the backdrop of the city's iconic grit and vibrancy. Each artwork, rich in contrast and texture, delves into the themes of coexistence and resilience, echoing the complex narratives found within both the wild and urban realms.

Subtly nodding to the vibrant legacy of Brooklyn's musical heritage, the collection's title, "No Sleep Till," hints at an homage to the borough's iconic contributions to culture and art. This subtle reference serves as a backdrop to the collection, infusing it with a sense of rebellion and creativity reminiscent of Brooklyn's storied past. "No Sleep Till" is not just an exploration of the beauty and challenges of urban and natural cohabitation but also an acknowledgment of the cultural forces that shape our perception of both.